Monday, December 28, 2009

happy holidays!

I had such a great holiday! i was surrounded by some of my closest friends and ate sooo much food. My friend Meghann doesn't eat the meats and stuff, so we ate completely vegan and it ruled.
So many sweet delicious tasty bits, and i started my path on the long road of perfecting vegan mac & cheeze.
I will share my holiday with you!

dinner, hmmm.

cake! vegan cake, that is really good. i mean rrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyy good.

i am taking up too much time taking pictures.
i mean we were in the middle of a riviting game of apples to apples.

 look at jaime... riveted!

this is our post game intelletual hour. look at how intent they look. i think i am sittin on the floor playing yatzee right now.

any hoo, we had such a good time and it was so lovely. I definetly woke up with a sugar coma hangover on christmas day!

i am taking a break from the jewels right now. just trying to regroup some ideas and start the new year off right. I am really looking forward to doing some really great new stuff.
keep posted.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Crazy holiday sale!

So this is totally crazy bbbbuuuuttttt, tonight at my place of business we are going to be open for one night only and we will be selling our jewels in the store. Its CRAZY! so come by.

World Beads Broadway
233 Broadway ave E.
from 6-9pm.

oh shit. and you could even learn to make your own if you wanted to.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

psychedelic magenta
magenta chalcedony
lime chalcedony
green tourmaline
copper chain
14kt gf chain
14kt gf handmade earwires

Solar Flair
Solar Quartz (actually slabbed stalactite!)
green amethyst
pink chalcedony
sterling leaf charm
sterling silver chain
sterling earwires

Rain like roses
rose quartz
rose tinted glass
rose chalcedony
sterling silver chain
14k goldfilled handmade earwires


Smoke & Mirrors
smoke quartz
sterling silver


black gold
 agate slice
hermiker diamond quartz
sterling and goldfill chain
snake vertibre

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I just wanted to say hello and hi, and extend a happy thanksgiving to all my friends, family and others.

I have to work this weekend, lame! but the design shoppe is on saturday and i am looking forward to that. so as a holiday pump up the question i ask is how upsurd is this turkey?

and can we talk about the lady in the background? what exactly does she think is going on right now?

again happy thanksgiving! smooches!

Monday, November 23, 2009

JOIN proudly presents:


One night pop-up shop featuring design objects by local artists and designers.

Silent auction to benefit JOIN and Nest Seattle.

11. 28. 2009

1508 11th Ave
btwn Pike & Pine

7-9pm Silent Auction
9:15 Auction Winners Announced
7-11pm Design Object Sale
**Cash Only**

 ( borrowed this image from ladies and gentleman home)

Please please please come and shop and look around!!!!
It is going to be such a blast.

All of the items that i will have for sale are going to be marked down for this special holiday sale one night only. 
If you need holiday gifts this is the time to get them from everybody. There are going to be so many fantastic deals.



Sunday, November 15, 2009

you gotta get up to get dooowwwwnnnn!

Hello and hi again.

Big huge thank yous go out to everybody that was able to make it down to fancy on friday (the 13th i might add). It was phenomenally packed and everything was beautiful.

Did i happen to mention the glazed doughnut holes with bacon?! yeah that's right BACON ON DOUGHNUTS!!! who ever thought about that is a damn genius!

(this picture is courtesy of Matthew Amster-Burton for the food website

Our scrap ring made it onto the seattle metropolitan what/where/when blog which is pretty awesome.

*clarification being Meghann and I don't work with Grain. little mistake.

But speaking of grain the two of the pulled out the stops.
with a pair of fully articulated cha
in links carved entirely out of one piece of wood & and a pair of sun... or rather sleep glasses also carved completely out of wood. So awesome!

Jamie from iacoli & mccallister covered the show really well over at

more info to come soon. I will be posting pictures of new stuff, tomorrow?



Monday, November 2, 2009

Two new shows JOIN show this month!

So this is just in:

JOIN proudly presents:


One night pop-up shop featuring design objects by local artists and designers.

Silent auction to benefit JOIN and Nest Seattle.

11. 28. 2009

1508 11th Ave
btwn Pike & Pine

7-9pm Silent Auction
9:15 Auction Winners Announced
7-11pm Design Object Sale

fancy and JOIN present:

Design objects in wood scrap by Seattle artists and designers.

11. 13. 2009

iacoli & mcallister
ladies & gentlemen studio
laura yeats
trey jones and darin montgomery for urbancase
fortyfive09 and &c.

1914 2nd ave
btwn stewart & virginia

Monday, October 19, 2009


Hello and hi.
I finally got a hold of a camera and seem to be completely inept at using anything digital, but I at least attempted to take some photos of the jewelry I have around.

These are some pieces I showed in the JOIN show back in June.

 recycled urban maple, sterling silver chain, green amethyst, smokey quartz, mirror


recycled maple, natural quartz crystal, sterling silver, smokey quartz, kyanite, mirror

Antique picture frame, Hermiker diamond, recycled maple, sterling silver, 14k gf, kyanite, smokey quartz, mirror.

And this is the principle piece in a
new line of jewelry that I am launching. 

Leather, crystal quartz, rutilated quartz, green amethyst, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, antique charms, citrine, 14k GF, peacock feather

Very excited to launch this new line. Hoping to have a finished collection by Thanksgiving.

P.S. word on the streets is the fancy show is a reality (awesome). Meghann and I celebrated last night with karaoke and dancing our asses off. I preformed a rousing rendition of "loveshack."  Thanks the crescent.
xoxo b.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Process drawings cause cameras are obsolete

So these are the drawings of the collaboration that meghann from &c. jewelry and i are working on together.
We are submitting them to the Scrap show at fancy. woo hoo!

Yeah so i guess big rings are the wave of the future. Keep posted, actual pictures will be up soon.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

trip to pdx pt.2

I am absolutely obsessed with this woman's art. I first saw it at a little antique store on Mississippi, but with further research i discovered that she does some really phenomenal work.
Her name is Ria Charisse and the line is called dear swallow.

this is her business card and an awesome cast skull.

so this is probably sooooooo 2008 but i love it any way. Apparently at Velocity right here in seattle is this company called Roost. I am also obsessed with their rock crystal salt and pepper shakers. Apparently i am a sucker for salt and pepper shakers. (see below). Will you get me this lamp please?

Also did you know about this? I am really feeling it. I love this billboard mostly because it is not marked. There is absolutely no mark! You would think that somebody would want to take credit for such an awesome campaign.

and what do you know about some pinball? or an evil magician that you have to defeat? yeah i know all about that. Pinball games at ground kontrol are only $.50! oh dang.

Apparently portland really pampers their pets!

and what about these two? Can they please be my new family.

so this concludes my adventure into the wild land of Portland.
Tonight i will be going into the studio to get everything ready for a show i am hoping to get into in November.

Process pictures soon!

p.s. what do you know about the men who stare at goats?

Monday, October 12, 2009

oh my god! i have the internet back!

After a long time away from the wonderful world of the internets i am back. There are so many updates in my life...
I am turning fortyfive09 into a sort of collective, where this blog will be posted on by myself as well as some of my collaborators (partners in crime really) will be posting on this here blog.
i also did not get financial aid this year so school is now a much further way away. I am going to take the opprotunity to get more involved with my jewelry. i am pretty excited about it.
But now for my long awaited photos of from my trip to portland this summer!

I took this photo while on a walk on a dormant volcano in the heart of portland. What do you know about the entrance to narnia?

I went to this awesome antique mall that had shitty customer service, but it had awesome little nooks and crannies full of stuff every where. It was an amateur photographers dream!

This is an old lamp that i would love to try to recreate at some point. I found it amongst others at a "re-store" esque reuse shop on mississippi. An idea paradise.

This was the last picture that i took in portland. it was so effing hot out i thought i was going to die, but i loved the contrast of this drab building against the bright sky. All in all my experience was totally inspiring and looking through these pictures just reminded me of that.

later tonight i will be posting some more stuff from this trip.
Now that i have internets again my posting will be far more regular so stay tuned....or something.

and ps. i don't hate blogging as much as i did this summer.
pps. i think winter is officially here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So, this just in. I can now blog from my phone. Just sayin!

Today we blog about blogs.

I don't know if you heard, but it was literally the 5th layer of hell in Seattle last week. I thought i was gonna die!

On another note the pillow I designed for ctrl+alt+design was featured on core 77 in an article about new emerging design clubs. There are three of them featured and Join is one! My pillow! Although they made a mistake and quoted it as being from the "ctrl+alt+delete" show. wha wha whaaaaaaa.

I also had a blast last night nerding out over designing my business card with my friend Kate.
So, this is our mind map. kind of what we started with and then where we went with it. I think it is really rad to see the tangible progression of, "wait! what about this...", "should we try this color instead?" It was such a rad experience.

This is what we ended up with. So far i am really into it. We'll see how fast the red bugs me. It would be really nice to be able to change the color from time to time.

The color scheme was inspired by this totally awesome poster for a dj night in chicago. The designer is Mig Reyes. The event is BLOG WARS! well i guess was it happened in April at the Debonair social club. Apparently Reyes also did three other color schemes for this poster... all totally rad too. i found this on grain edit

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hooray and in all seriousness...

Thanks to dylan and jean (ladies and gentlemen) pictures exist of a few of my pieces from the show.


this might make you want to vomit.

I really just had to share this. I went to denny's in issaquah and they had special menus inspired by bands. well now we know.

i still hate blogging.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

i hate titling things...

So i suppose this is a new era in my life or something... I apparently write a blog and i make things.

aaaaannnnyyyywwwaaayyy... i was bored of watching law and order: criminal intent so i decided to go explore this here internet; explorations being fruitful i found these very pieces.
the designer can be found here:
recyclos jewelry

also, can we please talk about these salt and pepper shakers and how i need them to be mine? oh you know only $450 dollars... yes please.

Jean (of Ladies and Gentleman) and I were talking about a shared love of egg cups, and soft boiled eggs for that matter.
However, the internet has shown me that there are a lot of boring eggcups in this world, but i did stumble across this that looks absolutely delicious...

most importantly i am very sleepy and i am going to go dream of egg cups with breakfast waiting for me and tiny porcelain birds landing in my hair and on my hands.

whoa blog.

Also they show was a huge success and i can't wait to talk all about it! tomorrow...