Monday, April 19, 2010

Changes are afoot.

Hello all. I am back in action. So much has been going on. 

First, the biggest change of all:
I have been asked quite a few times,  "what does forty five 09 mean?" 
Well, it was supposed to be the years of my grandmothers life, bbbbbuuuuutttttt some simple math drew to my attention that  my dear sweet grand mother was born in 1934 and passed away in 2009.

Since this entire thing was motivated by her life and influence, i thought it was only right that i change it now before i get to deep into a brand.

Which brings me to another fantastic development,
Meghann Sommer of &c. jewelry is designing my new logo and subsequently helping me develop 3409 into a branded powerhouse of awesome.

I am also launching three new lines this summer. I am delving into something i have never explored before: 
production work! it is a scary enterprise. But to subsidize my need to create in the moment i will also have a big cartel site that will allow me to sell my "one-of" work to the people who want to break off a piece.

Now about the part this blog will play in my new grand scheme:
I will now be using it sort of as an inspiration portal/ update machine/ place to tell bad not funny jokes thing.
I am really looking forward to this new path. and there are great things in store!

xoxo beth

Thursday, March 11, 2010

event horizon, manifest destiny, and all of that!

Their are a lot, i mean a LOT of new things going on in my life. i just thought i would let everybody know. i think that the format of the blog is going to be changing very soon. 
keep your ears and your eyes peeled!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Need a necklace for your coat?

mixed metal chain, swarovski crystal, agate, sterling chain, various sterling stones

Too bold? I think not.


This is the newest thing... ear to ear-rings. Is it a bold choice? perhaps. but i am in love!

Sterling chain, tourmilated quartz, swarovski crystal, 14kgf ear wires

14ktgf chain, sterling triangle, hermiker diamond, sterling hooks
pyrite, sterling, gold filled chain, crystal quartz, watermelon tourmaline

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New website test photos courtesy april brimer.

So April is basically a brilliant genius and did some test shoots for the website being built (in my mind).
I decided to do this all professionally and have a few photographers do some fashion test shots of my stuff to get an idea of what i want and how it could best be executed. These are some of the ideas from the conversations April and I had last week.

 i love this one.

model: samantha

Sunday, January 24, 2010

these are earrings i made for the store, but i love them and wanted to share them with the world.

de die in diem in progress. in the progress of a productive day.

de die in diem
green amethyst, leather, smokey quartz, swarovski crystal, sterling silver, leather

mother's bounty
leather, smokey quartz, natural crystal quartz, green amethyst, rutilated quartz, apatite, copper, sterling silver

sterling silver, swarovski crystal, chalcedony, watermelon tourmaline, leather

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New News and New Techniques!

Hello and Hi:

I am so very excited that I seem to see that i have got my inspiration back. I didn't realize how bad it had got until now.

I am really pleased to announce two things. The first of which is my jewelry is now available at Fancy Jewels. They are currently working on a brand new website that will be up very soon, but Eric and Sally are 2 new very proud parents so i think they get a pass on everything right now!

This is a very exciting moment for me because now when i am asked,"Do you sell your jewelry anywhere?" I can say, "Why yes, yes I do. Thank you for asking." All pieces that have been thusly pictured on here are now available there and soon to be on the website.

1914 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 956-2945
In other news:
Check out the rad new things I am develolping. 
What I've got is liquid rubber and lacquer and kind of a headache from the fumes...
Do fumes make you hungry?

This is the a new favorite of mine. The name of the knot is called the Josephine knot. I think i am going to continue to research a multiude of knots and really make these a focus.

sterling silver components and enamel lacquer, i cant wait to see what they set up like.


lacquered chain. not sure yet how i am going to feel about the final product but it could turn out great!

So this is what i have been up today as well as watching the show "pushing daisies" which i love, and am very sad was canceled.


Monday, December 28, 2009

happy holidays!

I had such a great holiday! i was surrounded by some of my closest friends and ate sooo much food. My friend Meghann doesn't eat the meats and stuff, so we ate completely vegan and it ruled.
So many sweet delicious tasty bits, and i started my path on the long road of perfecting vegan mac & cheeze.
I will share my holiday with you!

dinner, hmmm.

cake! vegan cake, that is really good. i mean rrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyy good.

i am taking up too much time taking pictures.
i mean we were in the middle of a riviting game of apples to apples.

 look at jaime... riveted!

this is our post game intelletual hour. look at how intent they look. i think i am sittin on the floor playing yatzee right now.

any hoo, we had such a good time and it was so lovely. I definetly woke up with a sugar coma hangover on christmas day!

i am taking a break from the jewels right now. just trying to regroup some ideas and start the new year off right. I am really looking forward to doing some really great new stuff.
keep posted.