Monday, December 28, 2009

happy holidays!

I had such a great holiday! i was surrounded by some of my closest friends and ate sooo much food. My friend Meghann doesn't eat the meats and stuff, so we ate completely vegan and it ruled.
So many sweet delicious tasty bits, and i started my path on the long road of perfecting vegan mac & cheeze.
I will share my holiday with you!

dinner, hmmm.

cake! vegan cake, that is really good. i mean rrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyy good.

i am taking up too much time taking pictures.
i mean we were in the middle of a riviting game of apples to apples.

 look at jaime... riveted!

this is our post game intelletual hour. look at how intent they look. i think i am sittin on the floor playing yatzee right now.

any hoo, we had such a good time and it was so lovely. I definetly woke up with a sugar coma hangover on christmas day!

i am taking a break from the jewels right now. just trying to regroup some ideas and start the new year off right. I am really looking forward to doing some really great new stuff.
keep posted.

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