Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hooray and in all seriousness...

Thanks to dylan and jean (ladies and gentlemen) pictures exist of a few of my pieces from the show.


this might make you want to vomit.

I really just had to share this. I went to denny's in issaquah and they had special menus inspired by bands. well now we know.

i still hate blogging.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

i hate titling things...

So i suppose this is a new era in my life or something... I apparently write a blog and i make things.

aaaaannnnyyyywwwaaayyy... i was bored of watching law and order: criminal intent so i decided to go explore this here internet; explorations being fruitful i found these very pieces.
the designer can be found here:
recyclos jewelry

also, can we please talk about these salt and pepper shakers and how i need them to be mine? oh you know only $450 dollars... yes please.

Jean (of Ladies and Gentleman) and I were talking about a shared love of egg cups, and soft boiled eggs for that matter.
However, the internet has shown me that there are a lot of boring eggcups in this world, but i did stumble across this that looks absolutely delicious...

most importantly i am very sleepy and i am going to go dream of egg cups with breakfast waiting for me and tiny porcelain birds landing in my hair and on my hands.

whoa blog.

Also they show was a huge success and i can't wait to talk all about it! tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So it's weird but.....

Big news!

So for the first time ever (other than at my friend's mom's house) my jewelry will be seen by the open public. ahhaha. i know that it doesn't seem like a big deal but it is huge for me! ok so here is the deal...

Friday June 12, 2009
7pm - Midnight
Ouch My Eye
1022 1st Ave S - Seattle - 98134
(map below)

Ctrl+Alt+Design is JOIN: Design Seattle's 1st Annual Design Review. A group show of 27 designers and collectives, Ctrl+Alt+Design features pieces from designers working in the areas of furniture, lighting, home accessories and jewelry. Ctrl+Alt+Design promotes emerging American design by providing designers a barrier-free forum to show work and get feed back. We want to inspire, motivate and connect.
JOIN us!

Participants include:
(click to visit site)

Seattle, WA
Brite Collective
Heath Bultman

graypants, inc
Iacoli & Mcallister
Jeff LaCoste
Ladies & Gentlemen
Meet Me Here
Militia Limited
Paul Piacitelli

Portland, OR
Tricia Martin

Milwaukee, WI

Chelsea, MA
Timothy Liles

Providence, RI
Elisa Werbler

New York, NY
Andrea Claire
Charles Constantine
Sallyann Corn
Martin Konrad Gloeckle
Joe Kent
Kiel Mead
Jason Neufeld
Stanley Ruiz

Bloomington, IN
(knee shy)- site specific installation