Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So, this just in. I can now blog from my phone. Just sayin!

Today we blog about blogs.

I don't know if you heard, but it was literally the 5th layer of hell in Seattle last week. I thought i was gonna die!

On another note the pillow I designed for ctrl+alt+design was featured on core 77 in an article about new emerging design clubs. There are three of them featured and Join is one! My pillow! Although they made a mistake and quoted it as being from the "ctrl+alt+delete" show. wha wha whaaaaaaa.

I also had a blast last night nerding out over designing my business card with my friend Kate.
So, this is our mind map. kind of what we started with and then where we went with it. I think it is really rad to see the tangible progression of, "wait! what about this...", "should we try this color instead?" It was such a rad experience.

This is what we ended up with. So far i am really into it. We'll see how fast the red bugs me. It would be really nice to be able to change the color from time to time.

The color scheme was inspired by this totally awesome poster for a dj night in chicago. The designer is Mig Reyes. The event is BLOG WARS! well i guess was it happened in April at the Debonair social club. Apparently Reyes also did three other color schemes for this poster... all totally rad too. i found this on grain edit